If you live in a city, then you’ve most likely been to Downtown. Whether you live in the downtown area or in a suburb, the word “downtown” has different meanings. Downtown can refer to a large area with little population or a small area with a high concentration of business activity. Either way, the term is used frequently. For example, New York City’s downtown is the central part of the city, while Brooklyn’s is the suburb uptown.

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The market analysis process should include an initial review of consumer behavior and retailing practices nationwide. This analysis will inform future economic revitalization efforts. Identifying factors that impact the downtown market can be a good place to start. State and city departments may also be helpful in this regard. Observations and knowledge gained from local business people should also be part of the learning process. Create a study group and encourage business owners to share information and ideas. Then, make recommendations and develop a plan to implement these improvements.

The BIZ Ambassador Team is a group of dedicated volunteers that keep Downtown looking beautiful. Ninety percent of the BIZ Ambassador team is Detroit natives who take pride in their community. The team is led by a volunteer Board of Directors and is composed of property owners who share a common interest in revitalizing the area. As the BIZ Ambassador team contracts with the Downtown Detroit Partnership, they ensure that Downtown is in good hands. And if you want to make a difference in the life of the people in Downtown Detroit, you should consider contacting the BIZ Ambassador Team today.