Candyland Casino Online Game

This is a fun board game where players take turns moving tokens around the board according to movement cards. The game board is made up of 134 spaces mostly in red, blue, yellow, and orange colours, but there are six pink spaces, two bridges, and three sticky spaces. To win the game, players must move as many of their tokens as possible before they can reach the end of the board. You can also win the game if you can get all of your tokens onto one active pay line.

This game is suitable for players of all ages, from toddlers to adults. It has a sweet candy theme and a Free Spins round. Its design and symbols are fun and simple to play. Candyfloss-themed icons include a Love Heart, a fried egg, a strawberry, and a Jelly Baby. The background music includes birds chirping. Players will be pleasantly surprised by the many ways to win.

The first version of the game featured two blonde twins, but this was changed to four kids of different races in the 2002 edition. In the 2002 edition, there were also gumdrops and gingerbread girls. Another version had a new addition to the cast of characters: Mr. Mint, who lives in the Candycane Forest. He was later replaced by the Duke of Swirl, but he still remains a popular character. In the 2014 edition, the grandmother of the kids was renamed to Nana. The official pet of Gramma Nutt is Bazz.